Deltek leading provider of software and solutions acquired by Roper technologies


The Deltek purchase follows our self-displined capital development approach, which causes the purchase of raised doing niche organisations that raise as well as worsen our capital’, said Brian Jellison. Roper technologies have just recently announced that it has gone into an utmost agreement to get Deltek, a leading company of software as well as options in all money purchases valued at 2.8 billion dollars. The business is offering specific niche markets including specialist solution firms as well as government service providers. Deltek‘ sinnovative software program enable their organisations to apprehend chances, build and also recruit up talent, maximize resources, justify operations and also supply their tasks on estimated time with improved productivity, having numerous end customers with 22000 companies in greater than 80 countries.
Roper technologies have a successful history of getting well run technology companies in global niche markets that have powerful sustainable growth capacity and also Deltek is an outstanding fit for Roper’s long term plan. ‘Roper offers a permanent house for Deltek as well as a lasting structure that we can utilize to additional solidify our position as the around the world leader in options for project-based businesses. Deltek will manoeuver as a distinct company within Roper as well as its name, brand, office, areas; technique and an international group will stay the very same and also will certainly not alter since of acquisition.